About Cherry...
It's No Secret: I'm a Dork.

You may be “impressed” by how I can finagle a Star Wars, Star Trek, SPACED, Battlestar Galactica, and Lord of the Rings reference into everyday conversation.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the pleasure of capturing a wedding in deep space or anything but I have been lucky enough to shoot weddings in all sorts of places, from the unconventional (old Spanish missions, aquatics science centers, and an Old West museum) to the traditional (country clubs, hotel ballrooms, and churches). And while I love, love, love a good Santa Barbara beach wedding, I love that I have been fortunate to capture amazing weddings all over the United States, from Los Angeles to Boston and from Michigan to Texas.  I’ve even shot a wedding or two in Mexico and the Bahamas. My clients have been steampunkers, Dr. Who fans, food truck owners, music industry mover and shakers- I’ve even shot the wedding of a U.S. Olympic Gold Medalist!! Needless to say, my clients bring all sorts of backgrounds and traditions to the table, and I adore being able to get to know and to capture everything that makes you YOU.

The best part of my job? I get to be there right alongside you on one of the happiest days of your life!  I can’t tell you how incredible it is that I get to witness and document your love, your relationships, your traditions, your style. And because every couple is so different, I try to be as unobtrusive as possible when I shoot. 

Since we’ll be spending one of the most important days of your lives together, there are a few things you should know about me. And since looking for a photographer can be a lot like seeking out a significant other, I put together a Match.com profile of sorts, so you can know right away whether we might be a good fit for each other.

Physical Description: tres petite(ahem, OK, I’m SHORT), I’m half- Filipina, half bad-ass, I laugh loudly, sometimes I snort-laugh (not pretty).

My cute 12 year old niece. Her name is Emma the Awesome.
I was born on the Ides of March. I think that’s pretty damn cool.
I love polka dots!!!
I can be bribed with chocolate ice cream.
I’m a sci-fi geek.
I’m obsessed with Japanese Kit Kats! What flavor will they think of next??
That I’ve lived in Japan and found out how they do Kit Kats!
I want to own a Mini Cooper with a license plate: STRMCPR. Get it?!
I live in the beautiful coastal town of Santa Barbara.
No complaints whatsoever.
I can also be bribed with cupcakes.
My dad named me because I was born red and cute.
I LOVE to travel!!!
I love being around people who laugh and enjoy life.
I have great friends!
I wish I could breakdance. Or at least “pop-n-lock” a little.
I can’t imagine life without music or my pink iPod.
All things vintage-y!
The way my Texan dad says,”Howdy!”,”Take it easy!”, and “Cotton-pickin’…” when he’s mad.
The word “serendipity.”

Rude people.
Mean people. Booo!!!
When my husband tries to have staring contests with me. He ALWAYS wins.
Pickles and olives.
“Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go” by Wham!
That my husband insists that I laugh like Betty Rubble.OK, maybe I do. A little.
That my family is spread out through out the world.

Seeking: Clients who are madly in love and love to have fun! (Also must be okay with corny jokes, excessive use of emoticons in emails, me crying behind the camera while shooting your wedding, and hugging instead of hand shaking.)

Does it seem like we’d be a good match? YAY! Then pretty please get in touch with me by emailing me directly at info@bycherryphotography.com. I can’t wait to get to know YOU!

I hope you live long and prosper.

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