What to Expect
What to Expect
When you place your trust in our studio to capture your special day, we are committed to making sure that it's a
stress-free, easy-peezy, fun, chillaxed experience that results in fabulous photos of you and your love.
The Beginning...
We do everything online: communication, contracts, payments, and photo deliveries. We strongly believe in being paperless as well as knowing that with emails there will not be any miscommunication. Of course, I'd love to chat with you if you want to make sure I'm not a Nigerian princess who just inherited $24 million USD and just needs someone just like you to help me transfer the money to my bank account. Maybe you would like to meet up prior to the big day to do a walk-through at the courthouse or just grab a drink to introduce ourselves, I'm 100% all for it!

A couple of weeks prior to your wedding day I will email you a portrait questionnaire. This is where you will let me know which group photos are important to capture as well as choosing a couple of favorites spots around the courthouse that you'd like to have your own portraits taken. Organizing this information before the wedding day makes sure that on the wedding day no time is wasted thinking about who should be in what photo. You can just hang out and enjoy your company as we efficiently go down the list.
On the Big Day...
Prior to your wedding day we'll have decided where and what time to meet. We'll capture everything that needs to be captured: the license signing, guests laughing and hanging out, the ceremony, crying, hugging, high-fiving. From there we'll quickly go through the group photo list and then whisk you two off to take some portraits around the courthouse in the areas that you picked. We will casually pose you two but really just want the two of you to enjoy each other's company. As you two interact we'll just move around you capturing all the goodness from different angles. We want this to be enjoyable as I know that having your picture taken can be awkward for some people (including me)!
It usually takes about 2-3 weeks to go through all the photos and retouch them. We go through and remove ones we don't need such as duplicates or test shots. Whatever is remaining gets a basic retouch of color balance and exposure and maybe some minor blemish correction. When the photos are finished they are uploaded to an online gallery for your viewing pleasure that you can share with friends and family. After you choose your favorites you'll be given an access code in order to download those favorites from the gallery directly to your computer. Super easy!
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